John Mangold

Managing Director, Interim Chief Financial Officer

John Mangold joined Manufacturers Bank in December 2022 as Treasurer and Chief Investment Officer. He currently serves as Managing Director, Interim Chief Financial Officer. In this role, John oversees all areas of the Finance Division including Treasury, Financial and Regulatory Reporting, and the Controllers Group.

He brings more than 20 years’ experience managing the Treasury department, including managing fixed income investment portfolios, derivatives, interest rate risk management, and liquidity management. He has experience implementing foreign exchange business, various wire transfer and FX trading platforms, and planning and execution of capital raises and actions including subordinated debt issuances, debt calls, and stock buy-back programs.

Prior to joining Manufacturers Bank, John served as Corporate Treasurer at Pacific Premier Bank, and was the Treasurer at Far East National Bank.

John has a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from University of California, Los Angeles, and holds a Master of Business Administration degree from San Diego State University.