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Business Loans and Lines
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Business Loans and Lines

A healthy business needs the right financing to grow. Whether it's a revolving line to take advantage of purchasing discounts, a term loan to purchase equipment or asset based financing to fund next seasons production. And because we serve the middle market, you can expect fast no nonsense decisions.

Business Line of Credit
A Business Line of Credit provides your business with a source of ready cash for short-term needs. You pay only for the credit you use for as long as you use it. It's a revolving line of credit you can call on to manage cash flow, finance receivables, make seasonal purchases, meet sub-limits for letters of credit and take advantage of trade discounts.

Benefits are quick access to cash, pay only for the credit you use-no interest payment on unused funds, flexible, dependable source of financing and line may be renewed annually upon credit approval

Business Loan
Business Loans are ideal for long-term financing such as expansion, remodeling, purchasing new equipment or as a source of working capital. You pay the loan in fixed monthly payments over a period of time with terms up to 5 years. A Business Loan can provide a steady stream of capital to take care of daily operating expenses, expand your business, acquire a business or complete a merger and restructure your balance sheet

Benefits are fixed monthly payments you can count on, flexibility to plan your cash flow and choice of interest rate structures.



SBA Loans

Architect ImageWhen your business needs financing for a longer term than available with a conventional commercial loan program or the flexibility to invest a smaller down payment to purchase owner occupied commercial real estate look to our SBA Loan programs. SBA Loans offer flexible terms and competitive rates - plus because they're partially guaranteed by the U.S. Small Business Administration, loan terms can frequently be extended longer than with conventional commercial financing. This makes it easier for your business to qualify.

Eligible Businesses
Just about any business is eligible for SBA financing providing the following criteria are met. Your business must be:

  • Based in the United States
  • A corporation, limited liability corporation, partnership, or sole proprietorship that operates for profit
  • A small business as defined by the SBA
  • Established for two years or more

Qualifying Criteria

  • Owner must be actively involved in the business operations
  •  Business must:
    - occupy 51% or more of existing commercial property when financing real estate
    - occupy 60% or more of completed property when financing construction
SBA 7(a) Loan Program
The SBA 7(a) loan program provides financing for the purchase of major business assets:
  • Purchase, build, improve or expand owner occupied commercial real estate with up to 90% financing
  • Acquire machinery and other business equipment, with up to 100% financing and generally lower payments than leasing

In addition, the 7(a) program offers flexible options to:
  • Finance working capital
  • Provide funding to purchase an existing business
  • Refinance existing debt, under certain conditions
  • Obtain funding for franchise acquisition
  • Provide funding to purchase inventory

Loan Amounts
  •     From $150,000 to $5 million
Repayment Terms
  • Real Estate - up to 25 years fully amortized
  • Equipment or Business Purchase - up to 10 years fully amortized
  • Working Capital - up to 10 years
Interest Rates
  • Variable interest rate tied to the Prime Rate, adjusted monthly
  • Working Capital CAPLine
  • Seasonal CAPLine
  • Contract CAPLine
SBA 504 Loan Program
The SBA 504 loan program also provides financing for the purchase of major business assets:
  • Purchase, build, improve or expand owner occupied commercial real estate
  • Acquire machinery and other business equipment
Loan Amounts
  • From $1 to $5 million
Down Payment
  • As low as 10% for multi-purpose commercial property
Repayment Terms
  • Real Estate - amortized up to 25 years with a 10 year maturity
  • Equipment - up to 10 years
Interest Rates
  • Fixed or variable interest rate on Bank first trust deed
  • Fixed rate on CDC/SBA second trust deed

Loan Costs
  • Costs are about the same as non-SBA financing



Business Credit Cards

For the convenience of our customers, Manufacturers Bank offers a full range of Personal and Business Visa Credit Cards, issued by Élan Financial Services, a division of U.S. Bancorp.


The One Card
In today's global marketplace, companies are more diverse than ever in how and where they do business. It is more important than ever to find simple solutions that bring your expense back into control and efficient management.

The One Card is a single charge card that combines travel and entertainment with procurement and fleet card features for unified processing, simplified management, and maximized savings.

Complete company expense control all in One Card:

  • One card for travel and entertainment
  • One card for supplies and services purchasing
  • One card for fleet operations

Control Spending
Payment System Integration
Worldwide Acceptance supported by Visa®

To apply for the One Card, please contact your MB Relationship Manager or call (877) 560-9812

Please click here to learn more on how an Élan One Card can help your organization.

Consumer and Business Cards
Manufacturers Bank offers a variety of credit card options for both business and personal use. Available options include cards for students, rewards cards, travel cards and more..

Click here to learn more about our credit card options, which are offered through Élan Financial Services, a division of U.S. Bancorp.

Click here to learn more and/or apply for Visa ® Consumer or a Visa Business Credit Card.




Asset Based Lending

Asset Based Lending ImageA revolving line of credit based on the determined value of the borrower’s Current Assets, primarily Accounts Receivable, which may also include Inventory.  Asset Based Lending is an idea source of working capital financing for companies experiencing rapid sales growth that outpace cash flow.  Through specialized monitoring of credit and collateral, we can underwrite loans with greater credit availability and more flexibility to pursue your company’s short and long term business goals. All loans are subject to credit approval.  

Through the Internet view account information and send request for loan payments and advances for same day processing. Simplify your reporting process by sending supporting ABL documentation to the bank electronically, thereby saving you time and money. 




Commercial Real Estate Loans

Our Commercial Real Estate Loan Department has nearly 40 years of experience making commercial real estate loans in the California marketplace. Since we rely on our own underwriting standards, we have the flexibility to provide a credit structure that's right for your project. Decisions are made locally and every credit is tailored to your individual needs. Your commercial real estate account officer stays with you every step of the way through loan application, documentation, processing and underwriting, so you always know the status of your loan.

We offer a variety of interest rate options, variable rates tied to Prime Rate, LIBOR financing fixed every 6 or 12 months, or fixed rates tied to the Treasury Rate.

For Owner-Occupied Properties
We offer construction and permanent loans for the acquisition and refinance of owner occupied commercial, industrial or office property.

For Developers
We offer commercial real estate loans for the acquisition and refinance of credit-tenant or multi-tenant properties, including interim construction loans, permanent loans and CRA loans for office, industrial, retail and apartments.



Specialized Industry

Apparel Industry Lending

Manufacturers Bank has been serving the apparel industry in downtown Los Angeles since we were founded over 50 years ago. Our lenders are experienced in providing lines of credit to keep your production line up and running and our international banking department can make sure your international transactions are executed quickly and accurately. We can also assist in obtaining credit insurance where appropriate to limit your exposure when doing business overseas.




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