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CMConnectPlusSM Online

CMConnectPlus (CMCPlus) Internet Cash Management Service offers companies the convenience of instant access to account information at anytime from anywhere using a personal computer with Internet access. CMCPlus provides Middle Market and Corporate Companies a comprehensive online cash management product that delivers detailed account transaction; capability to export financial data into companies accounting program and the ability to manage daily cash positions throughout the day to identify funding requirements or investment opportunities.

Access to CMCPlus is protected through User ID and password; a random password generated by a token device assigned to the individual user; and 128-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption.

Information Reporting
Previous Day

  • Determine daily cash position. Easy to use, flexible reports provide information on account balances, including float information and transactions up to 180 days.
  • Reconcile your accounts quickly and easily by using standard report or customizable reports that can be saved for daily use.
  • View front and back images of checks paid. Images available up to 180 days.


  • View company's accounts throughout the day in real time to get updated memo posted ACH transactions; checks paid over-the-counter and internal transfer submitted; to name a few.

Incoming Wire Module

  • Provides companies with complete detail information on all incoming wires received throughout the day. Information available up to 30 days.

Bank Statements

  • View and print copies of bank and account analysis statements, commercial line of credit and certificate of deposit notices. Statements and notices available up to180 days.

Funds Transfers
Wire Transfers

  • Initiate both repetitive and non-repetitive wire transfer requests for domestic and international wire transfers.
  • Wire transfers can be made in U.S. dollars or in foreign currencies.
  • Schedule future U.S. dollars wire transfers up to 10 business days in advance.
  • Originate several wire requests through the Multiple Wire Entry Screen.

Internal Transfers

  • Move funds between related Manufacturers Bank accounts
  • Schedule future transaction for up to 10 business days. Future dated transfers are processed on the effective date.
  • Transfers are memo posted in real time when submitted prior to cut off time.
  • Set up a target balance request and automatically sweep the remaining balance to a designated account. Amount transferred will be based on Previous Day Opening Available Balance.
  • Create one to many or many to one transfers.
  • Set up recurring transfers.

ACH Transaction
Provides companies with the capability of initiating a variety of electronic collection and disbursement ACH transactions such as:

  • Disbursements
    - Direct Deposit of Payroll Capability to Import company payroll file to make electronic payroll deposits to employees deposit accounts.
    - Automated Tax Payments Initiate Federal, State and other tax payments.Corporate Trade Payments Pay vendors including detail information.
  • Collections
    - Collection of Payments Initiate collection of receivables from corporate and personal accounts.
    - Cash Concentration Enables collection of funds from corporate accounts at other financial institutions to concentrate funds to Manufacturers Bank.

Check Management Services
Provides companies with the capability to:

  • Perform a check inquiry on a specific check.
  • Place a stop payment on an outstanding check.
  • Cancel a stop payment.

Allow companies to set up and receive notification via email when:

  • An ACH or Wire transactions requires an approval.
  • A specified amount is credited or debited; or a check has cleared.
  • Balance goes above or below a specified balance.
  • Bank or Account Analysis Statements are available to view.



MB Remote Deposit

MB Remote Deposit provides our business customers the capability to deposit checks from their office location to their Manufacturers Bank designated checking accounts.


Using a personal computer with a high speed internet connection and browser based desk top scanning equipment, MB Remote Deposit captures the check image, endorses the check with the designated checking account number and dates each item.  Once all deposit items are captured the information is securely transmitted to the bank for processing.


MB Remote Deposit provides you:

  • Flexibility- Make your business deposits any time, even after banking hours*.
  • Convenience- Process your business deposits either once a day or throughout the day or night from one location or multiple locations.
  • Savings- Reduce reliance and cost of courier service; no longer worry about meeting their deadline or scheduled pickup.
  • Productivity- Enhance record keeping; and reduce the time spent going to the bank to make your deposits.


    * Deposits will be processed the same day if accepted by 6:00 P.M. (Monday Friday except bank holidays)


    MB Remote Deposit can help your business succeed; to see how email:



Web Tax DirectSM

Meet all your electronic tax payment needs with Web Tax Direct, our electronic tax deposit service.  With Web Tax Direct, you can pay your business federal, state, and county taxes, via the Internet  


Web Tax Direct

  • Saves Time - Eliminating filling out coupons, writing payment checks and trips to the bank.
  • Is Convenient - Initiate your tax payments from your home or office using a personal computer with Internet access.  Each payment takes just a few minutes to enter and is automatically deducted from the business checking account.
  • Increased Accuracy & Control - Provides different levels of access and dollar limits per user; verify and confirm each transaction before submitting for processing and the Audit Log feature allows you to view all payment transactions created by all users for your company and user activity.



Positive Pay

Positive Pay service provides our business customers with an additional level of security to authenticate the integrity of presented checks before final payment.  Access our Positive Pay service through a secured internet session allowing you the ability to review exception items and make the decision to pay or return the item.

Positive Pay verifies the integrity of each check by identifying alterations or inconsistency that may indicate a fraudulent check.

In addition our Positive Pay service:

  • Reduces Risk - By identifying suspect items before final payment.
  • Convenience - Images of each exception item is available for review.        
  • Saves Time- Reduce the time spent on reviewing cleared items and focus on your exception items.



Collection and Disbursement Services

Providing businesses with the right tools to automate collections and payments, and manage company funds to generate maximum return.

Lockbox Processing
Accelerates your receivables process (by reducing both mail float and processing float), which may result in an increase in your average collected balance.

Manufacturers Bank provides lockbox processing through PNC Bank, a member of the PNC Financial Services Group, Inc. PNC Bank has built a position as one of the top processors of wholesale lockbox services in the nation by providing high quality services with relationships based on client-specific solutions. Our Cash Management specialists will analyze your company's remittance processing requirements to design a service solution that meets your needs for timely and accurate processing.

Controlled Disbursement
West Coast Controlled Disbursement provides you with early morning notification of your funding requirement for checks that will post to your accounts at the end of the day, allowing you to control your daily cash flow needs.

Zero Balance Accounts
Provides centralized cash control into one concentration (parent) account from various demand deposit (subsidiary) Manufacturers Bank accounts. The ZBA function moves all excess balances from subsidiary accounts into the parent account where it can serve as a pool of money from which all linked accounts are funded. Transfers are made automatically and all subsidiary accounts are maintained at a zero balance.

Account Reconcilement
Account Reconcilement Service can significantly reduce the time and effort necessary for accurate, timely account reconcilement, while helping and improving internal audit controls. Service options provide for both Full or Partial reconcilement and a selection of input and output methods to fully meet your company's needs.




Through the Internet view account information and send request for loan payments and advances for same day processing. Simplify your reporting process by sending supporting ABL documentation to the bank electronically, thereby saving you time and money.

Asset Based Lending
A revolving line of credit based on the determined value of the borrower’s Current Assets, primarily Accounts Receivable, which may also include Inventory. Asset Based Lending is an idea source of working capital financing for companies experiencing rapid sales growth that outpace cash flow. Through specialized monitoring of credit and collateral, we can underwrite loans with greater credit availability and more flexibility to pursue your company’s short and long term business goals. All loans are subject to credit approval.


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